A-Z Activities in Vietnam

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Join one of our biking tours and bike through the beautiful country.  One of the most amazing things about Vietnam is the beautiful natural scenery and what better way to see it than from your bike as you slowly cycle through the country.  These cycling tours are particularly popular in the bigger cities, in the gorgeous Mekong Delta, and through the rice paddies in the north.

Cooking classes

Take a morning or an afternoon to learn about traditional Vietnamese food.  Travel to the bustling market with your chef to collect the ingredients for your food and then learn how to prepare a customary three-course meal.  When you are finished, you will sit down and enjoy the meal together. Bon Appétit!

Cu Chi Tunnels

Come learn about one of the most important time periods of Vietnamese history at this iconic, historical, underground landmark beneath Ho Chi Minh City.  The Cu Chi Tunnels are a huge network of tunnels that run through the ground below Ho Chi Minh City.  The tunnels served as a strategic meeting and hiding place for the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War.


Experience the different kinds of Vietnamese cuisine at the many different restaurants throughout the country.  Choose a favorite or enjoy all of the different dishes while discovering what tastes make the food of Vietnam unique.


In Vietnam, you will be able visit or volunteer at one of the many humane elephant  sanctuaries.  Learn more about these majestic creatures and their history within the Vietnam.  While you are there, you will have time to play with them, bathe them, feed them and speak to their trainers to learn even more about elephants in Vietnam.


Visit one of the villages along the beautiful rivers of Vietnam or join a special fishing tour to learn the traditional style of fishing from the people that work everyday to bring fresh fish to all of the markets throughout the country!


Vietnam has a number of beautiful treks for travelers to take.  The northern part of the country is full of mountains and the famous rice terraces, while the south is full of dense jungle; both areas provide excellent views and wonderful hiking experiences! 


 The Vietnamese government recognizes 54 different ethnic groups that dwell within the country. Experience a homestay with a family from one of these groups and learn about how they live.  Homestays are a once in a lifetime experience and will give you great insight into the vastly different culture and customs of these people.

Junk Boat Cruise

No trip to Vietnam is complete without taking a junk boat cruise through Ha Long Bay.  Grab your friends and cruise through the breathtaking bay, taking in the scenery and swimming in the famous green waters along the way.


Vietnam is full of rivers and opportunities to kayak! Join one of our tours to kayak along one of these rivers with your friends or family.  Visit some of the local villages and learn about the role that the rivers play in their life or just sit back in your kayak and enjoy the beautiful scenery.  Ha Long Bay is another very popular place for kayakers.


Treat yourself to a massage while you are in Vietnam.  Massages are cheap and spas are plentiful especially in the city.  A good massage can be an excellent way to unwind after a day of traveling and adventures.


No trip to Vietnam is complete without ample time spent wandering through the busy markets.  Pick up a snack, purchase some souvenirs for your friends back home, or simply sit back and watch the world go by.  These bustling centres can be a good way to catch a glimpse into the daily life of Vietnamese people.


Visit the many museums in Vietnam.  While you’re in a country with such a long and complex history, it is a good idea to learn a bit about what has happened in the country and how these events have shaped the people.  Visiting the beautiful Vietnamese museums is an excellent way to engage yourself with the history and culture of the people of Vietnam.

Motorbike Ride

Rent a motorbike for a day and ride through the beautiful country.  One of the most amazing things about Vietnam is the beautiful natural scenery and what better way to see it than from your bike as you zip through the country.  This is a particularly popular activity in the north near the rice terraces and through beautiful stretches of highway like Hai Van Pass.


When you are in Hoi An, visit one of the many, many tailors that have established their businesses here.  The gorgeous trading port city is famous for its textiles and the tailors here can make you a wonderful suit or a beautiful silk dress in just two days!


Give back to the country of Vietnam by volunteering with one of the many different volunteer programs that are offered.  Teach English or French, care for children, volunteer in a hospital, or help with one of the many international development programs.

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