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 Meaningful-Life and Travel

Travel and help in different poor communities – help what you can- base on your career and exercises. Join Adventure Asia Travel in your life time to make a difference and fulfill their lifetime goal.

Here are lists of Humanitarian projects you can help and be involved:

  • Social and welfare work –Project
  • Help community services projects
  • Help community through house building
  • Water projects and sanitation program
  • School work – teaching/ volunteering and more….. 

Here are examples of activities in offer

Cooking classes

Cooking classes can be found throughout Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma) Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, and can be an excellent way to learn about the delicious flavors that make up your favorite Asian dishes.  It is also a good chance to maneuver the busy markets with a local as many chefs take their students to the market to collect the ingredients they will use in their lesson.

The best and truly meaningful experience, travelers will take a cooking class in the village with the host. Get to village with meet the host pretty early, the local guide will introduce you the name and abit of orientation before taking morning tour around the village to see their homemade veggie and produce before heading to the market with chef (Cook as host).

Dancing (show/ performance)

Burmese Dance

No trip to Myanmar is complete without a visit to a Burmese dance show.  There are several different styles of Burmese dance and each are unique in their own ways.  Discover which style is your favorite and gaze in awe at the talented dancers and their amazing costumes.  Burmese dance is a tradition that has been passed down for centuries and is one of the things that makes Myanmar so unique.

Thai: Nat Dance

One of the most important styles of Burmese dance is Nat Dance.  A Nat is a spirit and the dance is performed as a kind of worship of these spirits.  Come enjoy dinner and watch a traditional Nat dance.

Cambodian Dance

Khmer Dancing (Apsara Dance/Show)

Khmer classical dance was given birth more than 1,000 years ago, Khmer dancers have been performing their dance to world as the dace was connecting and living bridges between heaven and earth.

In this graceful gesture and gentle movement showing the great attitude and honestly of the people in the period of time and represent the rich culture and civilization at their peak, the colorful adornment shows the details the rich history of Khmer classical dance and its current revival, playing the ancient and ageless role of artist as messenger.

Independence Day Indonesia

Celebrated on the 17 of August, this festival celebrates Indonesia’s independence from the Dutch.  Independence day is their biggest national holiday and is celebrated throughout the country, though the celebration in Jakarta (the capital) is the most magnificent.

Festival & Events


Cambodians love to celebrate, and they have many festivals throughout the year. Festivals don’t just last for one day either, most will last for three days. Khmer New Year happens around April and is the most important of all the festivals. Families come together and visit the pagoda and makes parties at home. The Pchum Ben festival is also a busy festival with families remembering their dead ancestors. The water festival is a fun time of the year which signifies the end of the low season and the upcoming harvest.

Songkran in Thailand

Songkran is the most well-known of all Thai festivals.  Songkran celebrates the official Thai New Year and occurs every year on April 13th and lasts for 2-3 days depending on the year.  During the festival people swarm the streets with water guns, buckets of water, water balloons, etc. with the goal of getting passersby as wet as possible!  In Thai culture, water is a symbol of cleansing.  The idea of the huge water fight that is Songkran is for Thai people to enter the New Year with a clean physical, mental, and spiritual body.

Bali Arts Festival

This festival is the largest celebration of arts and culture in Indonesia and lasts a full month between June and July.  During this month there are daily performances, art exhibitions, dances, food and other cultural offerings.  

Home stays and cultural activities

Homestays are a once in a lifetime experience and will give you great insight into the culture and customs of these people.

Experience a homestay with one of the many hill tribes that have made Myanmar their home. Learn about the traditions and customs unique to each group and experience their daily life. 

Cambodia is a great place to do homestay. Stroll around each city, there are many wooden stilt houses as you know they are traditional belong to the villagers, this style last from Pre-Angkor period till today. One makes travelers a meaningful lifetime experience, contact Adventure Asia Travel to arrange your  stay at least overnight stay with them, cook and eat with traditional – classical styles as nothing like home.

Pottery Workshop

There are several different villages known for their pottery throughout the country of Myanmar and some places in Cambodia.  One of the most popular villages for visitors is Yandabo Village in Burma and Siem Reap in Cambodia.  Come enjoy a demonstration of how their pottery is made.  Observe each step of the process in action and purchase one of the beautiful completed pieces at the end as a souvenir of this wonderful experience!

Photography and Film

Angkr Wat and surroundings in Cambodia, the highlight for Photography adventure tour, begin the trip from dawn at the world famous sacred monument with you tripod and al equipment. Get to the site early the guests will see the sun rise just behind the building, the color changes and the sharp ray spread over the temple towers, the light morning shady cloud appear along with cool win to make travelers feel like staying in ne part f the universe.

Tone Sap, the fresh water lake, one gives a great opportunity for photographer shooting, the lake has unqiue live to see and learn, floating houses moving along the low and high tie of the water.

Tree house living:

Live among the birds for a few nights in one of Thailand’s tree house resorts.  Enjoy the sounds of nature and the gentle breeze coming through your window at Rabeang Pasak Treehouse Resort, Khao Sok Tree house Resort, or Bangkok Tree house.

Yoga Retreat : 

Experience your true self through the act of practicing yoga.  Thailand offers many luxury yoga retreats throughout the country.  Take classes with professional yoga instructors, soak up the knowledge, enjoy massages and facials, and learn about the many different detoxing techniques used by practitioners of alternative medicine throughout the region.  A yoga retreat is a great way to treat yourself to some quality relaxation and build up some energy before continuing on your journey.


Give back to the beautiful – poor countries of Myanmar and Cambodia by volunteering with one of the many different volunteer programs that are offered.  Teach English, care for the children, or help to build a home or a school for the local families.  They will be grateful forever and you will always have this special memory!

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