Southern Myanmar

Welcome to the beautiful southern region of Myanmar.  Home to glorious tropical beaches, the former capital Yangon, the Irrawaddy Delta, and much, much more, this region of the country is truly a hidden gem.  While most tourists spend their time in the center of the country, southern Myanmar offers some of the most beautiful natural landmarks and iconic views that the country has to offer.


Yangon is the former capital and the largest city in Myanmar.  Home to one of the most sacred Buddhist structures, the Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon is a much sought after destination for Buddhists all over the world as well as tourists traveling through Myanmar. Though evidence of Myanmar’s dark period of military dictatorship and economic stagnation is still apparent in Yangon, the economy of the city has drastically improved since the elections in 2010 and will hopefully continue to do so in future years, making Yangon one of the most prosperous cities in Myanmar.


Shwedagon Pagoda

The Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon is another very popular destination for those travelling through beautiful Myanmar.  This massive golden stupa towers over the city’s skyline and is known to be one of the most sacred Buddhist sites in the world.  Come learn about the history behind the Pagoda and gaze in wonderful at the beautiful architectural work.

Botataung Paya

Another religious monument, Botataung Paya is less frequented than the Shwedagon Pagoda and many tourists find that this allows for the Pagoda to have a more authentic and spiritual feeling.  Inside, visitors will find several images of the Buddha as well as vials that are said to contain pieces of the Buddha’s hair.  Guests should also watch out for the large gilded, bronze Buddha on the northern side of the stupa as well as the turtle pool located at the southeast corner of the monument.

Chaukhtatgyi Paya

Though this monument is not well publicized, it is definitely worth a visit.  Chaukhtatgyi Paya is a 65m long reclining Buddha, wearing a crown of precious stones atop its head.  There is also a small shrine to the holy man Ma Thay at the foot of the Buddha and, attached to the temple complex, there is a meditation centre.

Tanintharyi Region

Paradise awaits! This region of Myanmar is the paradise that everyone looks for when they are on vacation.  Long white sand beaches with crystal clear blue waters, old port cities with hundreds of years of trade and history, as well as 800 uninhabited islands off the coast for the adventurous travelers to explore — Tanintharyi is the paradise you have been looking for.  Travelers weary from their journey through central Myanmar will find solace in the quiet, laid-back atmosphere of this region.


Theindawgyi Paya

The most venerated Buddhist site in this region, Theindawgyi Paya is most well known for its ornate and intricately painted and carved ceiling.  The temple contains over 30 different depictions of the Buddha. The tall, gilded stupa stand on a platform also making this a good spot to look down at the town and the harbour below.

Kadan Island

Kadan Island is one of the 800 islands that make up the Mergui Archipelago.  While many of the islands are difficult and expensive to reach, in order to get to Kadan Island, one must hop on a ferry from the mainland and travel 45 minutes to reach the island.  One of the few islands that’s actually inhabited, Kadan Island is mostly made up of swamp land rather than beautiful beaches.  It is an excellent place to look for wildlife, plant life, and bird life and also to mingle with the locals and see what day to day island life can be like.


Maungmagan is the most accessible beach in Dawei.  With crystal-clear blue waters and white sand beaches, Maungmagan is the perfect little escape to paradise.  These beach is the only one in the area with accommodation nearby, so it also makes a good base for travelers looking to explore some of the other nearby beaches on a day trip.


Hpa-An is the riverside capital of the Kayin state.  Though the town itself is relatively quiet and lacking in touristic sites and activities, the locals are incredibly welcoming and friendly.  The main reason to go to Hpa-An is to use the town as a home base for exploring the nearby Buddhist caves as well as the mountains, lakes, and rivers that surround the small town.


Saddan Cave

Saddan Caves is a massive cave (about the size of a football stadium) just outside of Hpa-An.  Upon entering the cave, one is confronted with a dozen statues of the Buddha as well as clay wall carvings and several other religious monuments.  Bring a torch and wander through the darkness as the bats hang between stalactites and screech overhead.  At the far side of the cave, visitors will emerge into sunlight to find a beautiful lake full of ducks and floating vegetation.

Kaw Ka Thawng Cave

This area consists of three caves, two of which are open to the public.  Watch out for slippery tile floors as you gaze as the beautiful statues of the Buddha.  At the end of the path you will reach a lovely and refreshing swimming hole that is fed by a nearby spring.  You will find another (water-filled) cave here that can also act as a swimming hole.  Make sure to take some time to wander around outside the cave as well, the countryside here is absolutely breathtaking.

Kyauk Kalap

Kyauk Kalap is a tall sheer rock mounted in the middle of a lake that offers excellent panoramas of the gorgeous countryside nearby.  It is also an excellent place to watch the sunset.

Activities in Southern Myanmar


Every holiday needs ample relaxation time and southern Myanmar is the place to do it!  Whether you are relaxing on the beach, on a cruise boat, or somewhere in the mountain outside of beautiful Hpa-An, southern Myanmar offers several different settings for different tastes.  Grab a good book or a yummy cocktail and enjoy some rest and relaxation in this area of the country.

Island Cruise

While you’re in southern Myanmar, take a cruise through the relatively untouched Mergui Archipelago.  Discover swamplands full of a vast array of foreign critters and relax on white sand beaches.  Swim in the crystal blue waters or go snorkeling to see what kind of marine life lives in these waters.  Finish your days gazing up at the starry sky and sipping cocktails with friends on the deck of your luxurious cruise boat.

Drive along the coastal road

While in the south, take a drive along the 12 mile stretch of road that is the Kawthaung coastal road.  Lined by palm trees swaying in the wind and overlooking the beautiful islands of the Mergui Archipelago, you can stop along the way for a few beers as you enjoy the sea breeze and the beautiful views.

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