Top Attractions in Myanmar

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  1. Temples of Bagan

The archaeological site of Bagan is the most popular tourist destination in Myanmar.  The city itself is located on the banks of the Irrawaddy River and the countryside around Bagan is full of approximately 3,000 ancient Buddhist temples and pagodas that date back thousands and thousands of years. You can spend as much time as you would like exploring this UNESCO World Heritage Site and enjoying the magical and mystical atmosphere of Bagan.

  1. Shwedagon Pagoda

The Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon is another very popular destination for those travelling through beautiful Myanmar.  This massive golden stupa towers over the city’s skyline and is known to be one of the most sacred Buddhist sites in the world.  Come learn about the history behind the Pagoda and gaze in wonderful at the beautiful architectural work.

  1. Mandalay Hill

Located in the city of Mandalay, Mandalay Hill is the one peak the disturbs the otherwise flat landscape.  Visitors to the hill will remove their shoes before climbing the staircase to the top.  There are plenty of opportunities for shopping or for prayer along the way.  When you reach the top, gaze out at the beautiful landscapes and, on a clear day, the sunset is unforgettable.

  1. Mount Popa

Yet another solitary peak in Myanmar is Mount Popa, located southeast of Bagan.  The top of the mountain is covered in golden stupas and Mount Popa is known as an incredibly spiritual place in Myanmar and is the most popular place for Buddhists to go for Nat worship (worship of the 37 spirits).  In addition to learning about the spirituality surrounding the mountain, guests can gaze out at the beautiful surrounding views of Bagan and the Irrawaddy River.

  1. Inle Lake

Inle Lake is one of the most popular destinations in Myanmar and for good reason!  The large lake is incredibly beautiful and is home to several different ancient monuments as well as several stilted villages.  The lake provides beautiful panoramas and is surrounded by gorgeous landscapes.  A cruise through Inle Lake will allow guests to revel in its physical beauty while learning about the different communities around the lake and the history that surrounds the area.

  1. Mingun

Travel from Mandalay to Mingun for a half-day tour of Mingun’s unique sites.  Visit the famous Mingun Bell, the biggest functioning bell in the world, and the Mingun Paya, a huge unfinished stupa.  You can reach Mingun by land or by cruising along the Irrawaddy River.  Mingun never fails to provide visitors with a memorable experience.

  1. U Bein Bridge

This bridge is one of the most iconic sites in Myanmar.  Near the ancient capital of Amarapura (which can be reached from Mandalay), the U Bein Bridge spans more than one kilometer and is supported by over 900 teakwood posts.  The bridge is one of the favorite places in Myanmar to watch the sunrise as the impressive and historically important bridge is highlighted against the sun on the horizon.

  1. Amarapura

Amarapura (City of Immortality) is the ancient capital of Myanmar and can be reached from Mandalay.  Amarapura is set on a wide shallow lake and it full of wide roads and twisting alleyways that transport visitors back to the age in which Amarapura reigned supreme as the royal capital of Myanmar.  The U Bein Bridge is the main attraction here, but there are several other sites scattered throughout the area.

  1. Ngapali Beach

While there is so much to do in Myanmar, everyone needs a relaxing break every once in awhile and Ngapali Beach is the perfect place to do it.  With crystal-clear blue waters and white sand beaches, Ngapali Beach is the perfect little escape to paradise.  The fishing village of Ngapali is also very charming and has upheld many age-old customs and traditions, setting this particular paradise apart from some of the other similar areas throughout the rest of Southeast Asia.

  1. Pindaya Caves

These caves are located in the Shan State and are a Buddhist pilgrimage site and tourist attraction in Myanmar.  Of the three limestone caves, only one is accessible to the public.  The cave is full of 8,000 images and statues of the Buddha, some dating back thousands of years.  There is a great deal of Buddhist mythology surrounding the caves and any tour guide will be able to fill you in on the history and the legends behind the caves, giving you a sense for the spiritual atmosphere surrounding this area of Myanmar.

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