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Join one of our biking tours and bike through the beautiful country.  One of the most amazing things about Laos is the beautiful natural scenery and what better way to see it than from your bike as you slowly cycle through the country.

Cooking classes

Take a morning or an afternoon to learn about traditional Laotian food.  Travel to the bustling market with your chef to collect the ingredients for your food and then learn how to prepare a customary three-course meal.  When you are finished, you will sit down and enjoy the meal together. Bon Appétit

COPE Visitor Centre

Located in the capital of Laos, Vientiane, COPE is an organization that provides landmine victims with the proper help and care that they need in their daily life.  The non-profit organization works to provide prosthetics and orthotics as well as rehabilitation services for these people.  While it Laos, pay a visit to learn more about the landmine situation in the area as well as


Experience the different kinds of Lao cuisine at the many different restaurants throughout the country.  Choose a favorite or enjoy all of the different dishes while discovering what tastes make the food of Laos unique.


While in Laos, visit one of the many elephant  sanctuaries or conservation centers in the country.  Learn more about these majestic creatures and their history within the country.  While you are there, you will have time to play with them, bathe them, and feed them.  It is certainly an opportunity not to be missed!


Visit one of the villages along the rivers of Laos and learn the traditional style of fishing from the fishermen that work everyday to bring fresh fish to all of the Laotian markets!


Laos has a number of beautiful treks for travelers to take.  The country is full of mountains and dense jungle which provide good setting for hiking.  Follow your guide through the heavily forested areas to see beautiful waterfalls and stunning panoramas of the surrounding areas.


Laos is full of different ethnic groups with unique ways of life.  Experience a homestay with one of these families and learn about how they live.  Homestays are a once in a lifetime experience and will give you great insight into the culture and customs of these people.


Following the Mekong River deep into the south of Laos, travelers will reach a point where the river expands to 10km wide.  This is where the mystical 4000 islands are located, amidst the flowing river waters.  The water level in this region changes so drastically that during the wet season some of the islands are completely covered with water.  Tourists usually choose to stay on Don Dhet, Don Khon, and Don Khong and take a boat from there to explore the surrounding areas and experience the natural phenomenon of the 4000 islands.


Laos is full of rivers! Organize a trip to kayak on one of the rivers with your friends or family.  Visit some of the local villages and learn about the role that the rivers play in their life or just sit back in your kayak and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


Enjoy a traditional Lao massage.  This kind of massage mixes the traditions of Chinese massage and Thai massage, focusing on pressure points and stretching the body.  There is no doubt that you will leave feeling relaxed!


No trip to Laos is complete without ample spent wandering through the busy markets.  Pick up a snack, purchase some souvenirs for your friends back home, or simply sit back and watch the world go by.  These bustling centres can be a good way to catch a glimpse into the daily life of Lao people.


The National Museum in Laos is located in Vientiane in a beautiful old building from the colonial period when the french controlled the country.  Learn all about the history of the country and about the different customs and traditions of the Lao people and the various ethnic groups that inhabit Laos.


A trip to Laos is not complete without taking a cruise on one of these beautiful rivers.  Whether you are traveling to Kamu Lodge or Pak Ou Caves or just meandering along and stopping in the local villages, these river cruises are enjoyable for all kinds of travelers.  It is also a good way to catch a glimpse into the lives of the people that live in the villages located on the river banks and to see the importance that the rivers play in their day to day lives.

That Luang

That Luang, also known as the Great Stupa, is a national symbol as well as the most sacred monument in the country.  Originally built in the third century to serve as home to a breastbone of the Buddha brought to Laos by an Indian missionary, the current monument (built in a traditional Lao style and influenced by Buddhist beliefs) was build much later by King Setthathirat who moved the capital of the country from Luang Prabang to Vientiane.


Give back to the beautiful country of Laos by volunteering with one of the many different volunteer programs that are offered.  Teach english, care for the children, or help to build a home or a school for the amazing and friendly Lao people.  They will be grateful forever and you will always have this special memory!

Waterfall Visits

Do not miss this three-tiered waterfall near Luang Prabang!  Swim in the clear blue pools and trek around the beautiful area.  There is also a bear sanctuary nearby where guests can learn about Asiatic Black Bears and don’t forget about the Kuang Si Butterfly Garden! Or take a boat to reach this remote and beautiful waterfall near Luang Prabang.  Watch as the water cascades over the limestone formations (especially during wet season!), swim in the refreshing pools of water, and relax in the peaceful atmosphere that surrounds the falls.  Or choose one of the many other waterfalls that Laos has to choose from!

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