Groups of women travelers in Southeast Asia have fast become the norm. There are tours and trips which cater specifically for women, but we find that women are just as likely to do similar things to men. Most women may substitute an afternoon in the spa instead of shooting AK-47s in a shooting range, but on the whole men and women aren’t that much different.

Visitors to Southeast Asia and more specifically Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, are likely to want to see all the cultural experiences such as the famous Angkor Wat, Wat Pho in Bangkok, or the Royal Tombs in Vietnam. However, this article gives more specific advice for things for women to do in Southeast Asia.

Photo Tours

Southeast Asia offers inspirational views for budding female photographers. There are the temples at Angkor in Cambodia, the jungles of Thailand, and the great mountains of Vietnam which all offer picturesque views of the surrounding areas. Photography tours in Southeast Asia are particularly popular with women.

Humanitarian Projects

There are many humanitarian projects available in Southeast Asia because many of the countries in this region are very poor. There are volunteering opportunities available all over including people who can teach, practice medicine, or work in conservation. Southeast Asia is calling out for women to help in projects which can help develop local communities in the area.

Countryside Tours

The Southeast Asian countryside is beautiful blend of tropical jungles, mountain ranges, paddy fields, and low-laying flatlands. There are many cycling tours available across the region which will help you to meet local villagers and see how the locals live their lives.


Whether it’s diving in Thailand, trekking in the mountains of Vietnam, or exploring the temples in Cambodia, you want to have fun on your trip. There are many adventure tours geared towards women. If you’re into some fast-paced action, you can zipline though the jungles at Angkor, or cross the Cambodian countryside on a 4×4.

Thailand has a lot to offer visitors who can explore the stunning islands and beaches in the south or trek in the jungles located in the north. Vietnam also has a range of adventure trips suitable for women including mountain trekking and cave exploring.

Cultural & History

Southeast Asia and specifically Cambodia was home to the great Khmer Empire. There are ancient temples to explore all over Cambodia and the neighboring countries which were at one point under the control of the Khmer.

There are many Buddhist and Hindu temples to explore at Angkor and many more built by the Khmer and Siamese in Thailand. The Khmer rule also extended all the way to Myanmar and many ancient temples were also built there. Similarly, the Khmer also controlled large parts of Laos and Vietnam.

Women have plenty of things to do in Southeast Asia. Usually, women as well as men, enjoy similar activities, but Southeast Asia does offer some great shopping and salon experiences which are more likely to appeal to women. However, for the more adventurous woman, there are many extreme adventure trips which you can take around Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.

Here at AAT design, we can provide you with a unique experience of Southeast Asia according to your interests. There are so many things to see and do in the region which are suitable for both sexes, not just women. Take a look at about A-Z activities list for Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.

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