Not everyone can afford the luxury of traveling for many months without having to work. For many, it’s important to work to continue traveling. There are many options for visitors who want to find a job during their stay in Southeast Asia. There are both volunteer and paid jobs available and a growing number of people are working online and continue their work with a laptop and internet connection. With so many people working and traveling at the same time, more and more opportunities are appearing.


Southeast Asia is a very poor part of the world and there are many volunteering opportunities available. You won’t get paid for your work, but many organizations provide free accommodation and meals to volunteers and can be a great way to meet the local community and save some money at the same time.

However, you should be careful not to turn a good volunteering opportunity into exploitation. It’s important that you choose decent organizations to work with and not just go with any organization. Often, poor people are exploited so that someone can make a profit. Don’t let yourself fall into this trap.


Southeast Asia is a relatively poor part of the world and many countries here lack basic healthcare services. Doctors who come over and volunteer, even for a short time, are welcomed with open arms. You can help in hospitals, small clinics, or even be the only doctor to visit a rural village in years. Your help and expertise will be invaluable in this region.

Teaching English

If you’re a native English speaker, then teaching may be a good option to earn some decent money. Standards are increasing in Southeast Asia and although unqualified teachers can still find jobs, if you want a well-paid teaching job, you should have at least a Bachelor’s degree and a TESOL or CELTA certificate. However, you won’t often find teaching jobs which lasts for a few weeks and you often sign up for a one year contract. However, if you’re planning to travel for many years, teaching English can be a good way to fund it.


Southeast Asia has been badly affected by war and as a result, there are many orphans in the area. These often-forgotten children live in orphanages with little or no resources to support the kids. We can help to arrange suitable placements in legitimate orphanages in the region.

There are many opportunities for people wanting to volunteer and travel around Southeast Asia. The whole region employs many volunteer English teachers to educate the children, many organizations provide support to local communities, and many orphans need somewhere to live. The volunteers who come to Southeast Asia, really do help and support our poorest people.

Volunteers are not often paid for their work and they give up their time for free. In some cases, you might want to organize a volunteering tour. We can help you combine volunteering with an appropriate tour package.

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