Southeast Asia is a popular destination for families traveling with kids and for good reason. There are some stunning tropical beaches, beautiful mountain ranges, extreme adventures, and many more things to see and do. However, it’s not always easy to travel with children. This article gives some advice about how to make traveling with kids in Southeast Asia less stressful.

Buy Sunscreen

Southeast Asia is hot, it’s a tropical region and you will be exposed to the sun. Sunscreen in Southeast Asia can be very expensive, so make sure you pack enough before you go and you won’t have to waste a morning hunting around for it.

Prepare Everything

Make sure you have your vaccinations early and within plenty of time of leaving on your big trip to Southeast Asia. Also, ensure that you have the correct insurance to cover you and your family. When you’ve got kids, you’ll find it a lot easier to book your accommodation in advance and you can use online review sites to get an idea of whether the accommodation is family friendly.

Leave the Winter Clothes at Home

As mentioned before, Southeast Asia is hot! You won’t need lots of long pants, a sweater, or a coat, so leave them at home. You will want light and loose fitting clothes to stay cool and protect you from the strong sun.

Be Prepared for Attention

If you’re traveling with younger kids or babies with very light complexions then the locals will be drawn to them! They’ll pinch cheeks, take pictures, and maybe even pick them up. Each child is different and some may relish the attention whereas others don’t like it. If necessary, be firm with overexcited locals if you don’t want them to pick up your kids.


Unless you’re staying in a 5-star hotel or resort, then don’t expect many childcare options to be available. You might not get the opportunity to get a night away from the kids, so expect to be with them throughout your entire trip.

Food and Eating

You might think to yourself that Cambodian Lok Lak sounds great, but your kids may have other ideas. All kids are different, but they’re likely to want to eat what they know and like. However, a big part of traveling is tasting the local food. Encourage your children to try new food, but don’t force it on them.

Lots of Diapers

If you’ve got kids who are still in diapers, then bring a lot of them with you. Unless you’re staying in major towns or cities, you won’t find many available. If you don’t like disposable diapers and only use reusable ones, it might be difficult when you’re abroad, so be prepared to use disposable diapers if necessary.


Let your airline know that you’re flying with young kids. Airlines know it can be difficult to fly with kids as they can disturb the other passengers. They will often do everything they can to make sure you’re more comfortable during the flight.

Kid Friendly Travel Agency

There are some travel agencies that specialize in providing good trips which are fun for both parents and adults. Some travel agencies will even be able to help with child seats, family-friendly accommodation, and more.

Take it Easy

Southeast Asia is very hot. Young kids won’t do very well in the heat especially if you come from a colder climate. Try and get away from the heat and large crowds to keep your kids feeling cool and relaxed.


Choose accommodation which markets itself as child friendly. Some hotels are not suitable for young children and should be avoided. Hotels with pools, familiar food, and which provide a safe environment are good for families.

Seek Medical Advice

You should check with your doctor before coming to Southeast Asia to get advice about your health. Doctors can tell you what illnesses you need to be aware of, give the appropriate vaccinations, and act as a contact for a local hospital.

Southeast Asia is a fantastic place to visit and millions of people including many families come and visit each year. Kids will love to go on mountain adventures or treks through the jungle. They may even love the theme parks in Thailand or the beaches of Vietnam. There’s so much for kids to see and do in South East Asia, but it isn’t always the easiest destination to bring children. However, you can ensure that you have a stress-free trip with your family with some planning before you leave.

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