Millions of people each year take vacations abroad and Southeast Asia is a particularly popular destination. Most of these people visit new countries without incident, but sometimes things can go wrong. Here are 9 travel safety tips for when you’re abroad.

Don’t Dress Like a Tourist

If you’re going to pull your socks up high, put on your loudest Hawaiian t-shirt, and have your large camera hanging around your neck, then you’re telling everyone that you’re a tourist. You don’t need to dress exactly how the locals dress, but It’s a good idea to try and blend in.

Research your Destination

Nowadays, we have so much information available at our fingertips that it’s easy to research anything you want with a few taps. Therefore, you should read up on your destination before you arrive. Read reviews about places to stay and find out about common scams. This will help you to avoid problems during your stay.

Do You Need It?

Do you really need to travel with your laptop, tablet, smartphone, diamond earrings, and gold bracelet? Only take what you need. Unless you need to work while you are away, then a smartphone will be able to do everything you need. You can leave all your other expensive devices at home. Always keep your important documents, money, and other valuables locked in your hotel room.

Stay Alert

Make sure you know what’s happening around you. It’s easy to wander into dangerous areas when you’re not thinking about where you’re going. Look at the type of people around you and the store fronts, and keep your wits about you. If you start to wander away from more built up areas, then confidently walk back the way you came.

Stay Connected

Nowadays it’s easy to stay in contact with your friends and family. Most hotels and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi and you can also get an international SIM card to use in emergencies.

Tell People Your Plans

You should let people know your plans and where you are going. Even if you just tell the guesthouse receptionist that you’re going out for the evening, they will know something is wrong if you don’t come back after a few days.

Stay Healthy

When visiting Southeast Asia or anywhere else in the world, you should think about your health. Ensure that you have insurance, get your vaccinations, and bring a supply of any medication you are taking. Sometimes, things aren’t as clean as they are at home and poor hygiene can make you sick. Ensure that you drink clean water and only try the street food if your stomach can handle it.

Know Where to Get Help

When you’re in a foreign country, it’s not as simple as calling 911 and help will show up. Learn how to get help if you need it. You should find out what the local emergency numbers are and research your nearest embassy or consulate in case you need their help.

Millions of people go abroad and have a great time. Southeast Asia is a particularly popular destination for tourists and most visitors go home incident free. However, you shouldn’t be ignorant to the risks involved in visiting foreign countries. Things aren’t the same as they are at home and you should always be alert of your surroundings.

If something does go wrong on your trip, then make sure that people back home know how to contact you and where you can find help.

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