Lampang Mahout Training & Homestay

Lampang Mahout Training & Homestay – 2 days/1 night

Destinations: Chiang Mai, Lampang

Description: Yes, we all know what elephants look like.  We know where they live. But how much do we really understand the magnificent creatures?  On this two day excursion, guests will have the chance to get close and personal to these mysterious and massive animals.  Learning how to approach them, bathing them, feeding them, and catching a glimpse into really understanding the beautiful beasts.

Highlights of this tour:

  • Stroll along Railay West Beach
  • Hike through Khoa Luk Choee Cave
  • Enjoy private rock-climbing lessons
  • Ride long tail boats
Day 1: Krabi
Activities: Bathe elephants | Feed elephants | Learn about what it takes to become a mahout

Meals: Lunch, Dinner

Itinerary: On the first day of this exciting tour, guests will be picked up in Chiang Mai and transferred to the National Elephant Institute in Lampang to begin their exciting two day adventure.  The National Elephant Institute in Lampang’s objective is to develop elephant conservation in a sustainable way.  The institute proposes income and other guidelines for communities to keep elephants so that they can earn enough money in tourism rather than street begging or illegal logging.

Through the institute, guests will be provided with a place to stay in a genuine mahout (elephant trainer) village and have the opportunity to study and experience the relationship between these trainers and their elephants.  During this once in a lifetime experience, guests will stay with the mahout and learn about his day to day activities with the elephants.

When guests arrive in the morning, the elephants will be taking their bath.  Afterwards, the animals will start their day’s training.  Guests will have the opportunity to feed the elephants some of their favorites treats before eating lunch at the institute.  The afternoon will be dedicated to learning the first basic steps toward becoming a mahout.  Dinner will be served in the evening before the guests settle in for the night.  Get a good night’s sleep before another day of elephant fun tomorrow!

Overnight stay at the institute.

Day 2: Lampang | Chiang Mai
Activities: Play with elephants – Travel back to Chiang Mai

Meals: Breakfast

Itinerary: Guests will rise early in the morning to walk to the jungle and retrieve their elephants to take back to the institute.  Breakfast will be served before the guests resume their training at the show ground.  There will be another chance to bathe the elephants and then guests will have the opportunity to join the daily demonstration with the other elephants!  The tour will end with a ceremony in which guests receive their mahout certificates.  Then, guests must say often tearful goodbyes to their new elephant friends before traveling back to Chiang Mai.  The tour may be over, but you will have the memories for the rest of your life.

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Lampang Mahout Training & Homestay
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