Off Beaten Track  Tour Indonesia 9Days

Destinations: Lombok, Tetebatu, Sumbawa, Mount Tambora, Satonda, Sumbawa Besar, Batu Tering
Description: Join Adventure Asia on this tour through the quiet, pristine, secret wonders of Indonesia as we travel off the beaten track. From trekking through the mountains and the lush jungles, to exploring volcanic islands, mingling with locals, snorkeling in the clear blue waters, and relaxing on beautiful beaches, this tour will show guests the best that Indonesia has to offer. Pack your bags and prepare for the ride of your life on this exciting tour through Indonesia!

Highlights of this tour:
• Trek to summit of Mount Tambora
• Explore volcanic island of Satonda
• Visit archaeological site near Batu Tering on Sumbawa Besar
• Explore other towns and cities in Indonesia along the way

Day 1: Lombok | Tetebatu
Activities: Arrival in Lombok – Travel to Tetebatu
Meals: Lunch, Dinner
Itinerary: On the first day of the tour, guests will arrive in Lombok where they will meet their guide and travel to their hotel in Tetebatu to check in and begin their journey. The rest of the day in Tetebatu will be free for guests to mingle with their new travel companions and explore surrounding areas.
Overnight stay in Tetebatu.
Day 2: Tetebatu | Sumbawa
Activities: Travel by boat and car from East Lombok to Pancasila
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Itinerary: On the second day of our tour, guests will have breakfast at the hotel before beginning the journey to East Lombok, where we will catch a ferry to Sumbawa. Keep your eyes peeled for the beautiful views and landscapes that you can see as we cruise along the coast. Upon arrival in Sumbawa, guests will enjoy lunch together before continuing, by boat, to the village of Calabai. From Calabai, we will continue, by car, to Pancasila, a smaller village, 570 meters above sea level and known for its coffee production as well as the deforestation that has occurred there in the ‘70s and ‘80s.
Overnight stay in Pancasila.
Day 3: Pancasila | Post 3 on Mt. Tambora
Activities: Trek to Post 3 on Mt. Tambora
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Itinerary: Today we will begin our trek to the summit of nearby Mount Tambora. The entire hike will last about 7-8 hours and will lead our group through lush, dense jungle areas. Guests should keep their eyes peeled for rare jungle flowers, wild berries, and bright and beautiful orchids. There is also a chance of coming across some of the local wildlife – most commonly: deer, monkeys, and wild boars.

Camp overnight at Post 3

Day 4: Post 3 on Mt. Tambora | Summit
Activities: Trek to Mount Tambora summit
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Itinerary: Guests will begin trekking very early this morning in order to get to the summit and avoid the midday heat. Towards the top of the mountain, the vegetation will change from lush jungle to reeds, ferns, and nettles. After approximately 4 hours of hiking, guests will reach the summit to enjoy the breathtaking views of the landscapes below. We will set up camp here for the evening and guests will have the remainder of their day to relax and explore the surrounding areas.

Camp overnight on summit.

Day 5: Mount Tambora Summit | Satonda

Activities: Sunset on the summit – Trek to Pancasila – Travel to Satonda – Beach barbecue
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Itinerary: Guests will wake up early again this morning in the hopes of catching the magnificent sunrise from the summit of Mount Tambora before beginning our trek back down the mountain. Upon reaching our starting point in Pancasila, a car will take the tour group to Kenanga Bay. From here, we will travel by boat to the uninhabited, volcanic island of Satonda. Here guests will be able to relax on the beach and explore the beautiful, freshwater lake that lies in the center of the island and is home to many different kinds of tropical birds. In the evening, we will enjoy a delicious seafood barbecue on the beach and camp out under the stars.

Camp overnight on the beach.

Day 6: Satonda | Sumbawa Besar
Activities: Explore Satonda and the lake – Travel to Sumbawa Besar

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Itinerary: On the sixth day of our tour, guests will explore the lake a bit more, hearing local stories and legends that surround the waters from their knowledgeable guide. In the afternoon, guests will sail back to their hotel on Sumbawa Besar. Guests will have the rest of the afternoon and the evening to do as they please, either relaxing by the hotel pool, enjoying their comfortable bed after several nights of camping, or exploring the surrounding areas.

Overnight stay in Sumbawa Besar.

Day 7: Sumbawa Besar | Batu Tering
Activities: Explore archaeological site near Batu Tering

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Itinerary: Today, guests will take a trip to visit an area near Batu Tering that contains megalithic sarcophagi and ancient rock carvings that date as far back as 2000 BC. The track that leads us to this area will provide beautiful views as we wind through farmlands and lush, green rice fields. On the way back, we will wash the dirt and dust off of our bodies in a fresh stream that leads us to a nearby gorge that is believed to be full of magical powers. After this final stop, guests will have the rest of their day free to do as they please.

Overnight stay in Batu Tering.

Day 8: Batu Tering | Lombok
Activities: Travel back to Lombok

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Itinerary: Today, guests will make the long journey back to Lombok. Upon arrival, they will have the rest of the day to do as they please.

Overnight stay in Lombok

Day 9: Lombok
Activities: Departure

Meals: Breakfast

Itinerary: Sadly, the ninth day marks the end of our tour through Indonesia. Guests will enjoy a final breakfast together at the hotel, pack up, say their goodbyes, and continue to their next destinations.

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