Life as a Monk Tour

Become an ordained monk!

Destinations: Village, Monastery and city

Descriptions: This tour is quite UNIQUE! The pax (s) will stay one night at the village to meet locals and learn to know an introduction about life as monk with prices before becoming a monk. Leaves their beauty by having hair shaved, dresses up as real monks with saffron dress and pray. Chanting and having the speech in religious language, the Buddhist language. Eat as monk, breakfast, lunch and soft drink without alcohol for dinner.


  • One night in the village with locals
  • Spend 2 nights at the monastery and eat as monks
  • Learn about Buddhism
  • Early rise for meditations
  • Meals and tea without alcohol
  • Dress up as real monks
  • Time to meet, religious groups
Day 1: Transfer

Activities: Travel to the village and meet locals

Meals: Lunch and dinner

Itinerary:  Transfer to the village for an overnight stay at local resident with local family for an amazing experience, you will have time wondering around the village, speak with local with our support staff. What an unforgettable experience is having local food and stay as villagers . Shower with open air water bowl and catch jar in local style. Shower and changing room are covered and closed room. You will have hair shaved under the process of priest and have advice and sound with religious speech by those religious leaders, priests and nuns, some religious followers.

Lunch and Dinner Included.

Overnight stay in local house with family.

Day 2: Early Start

Activities: Being a monk with saffron dress up on procession with locals and prices and religious groups.
Meals: Breakfast lunch and dinner snack

Itinerary: The travelers (pax) will have an early start just before the sun comes up, meet with high priests and nuns for a short of speech and rule as monk and life in the monastery ( not too serious) and concept . Breakfast arranged

The pax will dress up in the saffron robes of a monk and go through a ceremonial procession before getting on oxen carts or horse back for the journey to the preferred monastery ( pre-arranged) the pax and procession will be accompanied by the head of the religious group, high priest and nuns and villagers as religious followers accompanied by musical instruments, drum and violins and flute ,etc . it produces nice sounds that inspire these religious activities to be more meaningful…

After arriving at the monastery, the pax will get off and guided by the top religious group and will lead to the prepared monastery room to meet the top  monk to learn about principles, concepts, life as monk- in the monastery, meditation, and  religious rules to you as novice. Sit with  legs crossed and hear the top monks speech and you will repeat the speech some time if it is hard to catch as it is in religious language.  Lunch.

Before lunch the pax will present the prepared foods to the monks before they eat. .

After lunch you will have a short break and meet the top monk again for more information about the life of the monk.

Question and answer, period with your support staff (tour guide).  No food allowed for dinner….

After that you will have your own practice, speech and conversation between you and guide before evening meditation in quiet room next to your  room…

Overnight stay at monastery

Day 3: Monastery

Activities: Get up early, chanting and meditation plus learning about Buddhism

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and dinner liquid refreshments only.

Itinerary: Early start before sunrise at 4.30am, have a short meditation before meeting with the top monk, novices, priests and nuns hearing / receiving religious advice from the top monk and also from the young monks and novice priests,  if you still remember the speech that you have learnt you will then recite it as young novices.. After that you will have time for your breakfast with the priest, monks and  nuns in the monastery…

Then a short break for mediation, and then  the  whole morning to chat with those religious groups around you, translation and help by your local guide… If you like, you can come and meet other cooks who prepare the food and  drink  for the monks… Lunch at monastery before 12 pm…

Before lunch the pax will present all those prepared foods to the monks first and then eat themselves.

After lunch, you will have a  short break or head to your quiet room for chanting or mediation in front of the Buddha image in the hall. If you enjoy labor, you can help with cleaning, washing, environment cleanup, gardening , a bit of construction work, or you can ask some of those religious groups to meet for speech practice or any further understanding about Buddhism in  Asia..

In the evening, pax (novices) will walk around the central hall, stick in hand and blindfolded  and contemplate about religious concepts, and express their gratitude to ancestors  and elders for 20-30mn,  then head to the quiet room for mediation.

Dinner, tea, coffee, soft drinks… No food or alcohol allowed.

Overnight stay at monastery.

Day 4: Early Rise

Activities: Get up early, chanting and meditation plus learning about Buddhism

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and dinner snack

Itinerary: Get up early for a short mediation and meet top monk,  priests, nuns, and religious groups for chanting, a short speech Before breakfast they will  meditate and pray in front of the Buddha statue in the central hall or help with labor or any work in the monastery. Lunch

Before lunch you will present  the  prepared foods to the monks first and you will eat.
After lunch you will have time to meditate, meet the high priests, monks or nuns for special chanting,, praying and speaking before leaving life as a monk( defrock).

The pax will  be transferred to the city for an overnight stay or to the airport for departure flights to your destination….

End of services


During the village, pax you have work with local, experience culture with locals… Chat and teach if prefer

During your time as  a monk you can go collect arms or the monastery.

At monastery pax (travelers, monks) have no dinner, breakfast and lunch without alcohol…

Wear monk robe, sit with  leg crossed , meet others, respect each other… and help some labor work…

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Life as a Monk
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