Grand Tours of Burma-Thailand -Laos &Cambodia Tour


Join Adventure Asia on this one of a kind tour of beautiful Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Journey through those famous regional site of each destination. Discover the local villages, learn about the customs and traditions of the hill tribes, gaze in awe at the beautiful views, and enjoy everything that this wonderful tour has to offer! Teach English at poor community of Siem Reap. Monk blessing for safe journey home and private cooking class and dinner at local house. 

Highlights of this tour:


  • Explore Yangon
  • Home stay in local villages
  • Walking tour and adventure in Chiang Mai,
  • Pindaya Caves,
  • Boat tour of Inle Lake,
  • Inn Thein Pagoda Complex
  • Boat – river cruise crossing the the Mekong,
  • Waterfall, islands in Laos
  • Highlight attractions in Bangkok
  • Wildlife and park in Chiang Mai
  • Explore historical site in Laos
  • Great cultural tour in Angkor
  • Charming Siem Reap
  • Mountains and nature of Southeast Asia
Day 1: Yangon
Activities: Arrive in Yangon – Explore Yangon

Meals: Dinner

Itinerary: On the first day of the tour, guests will arrive in Yangon where they will be met by their guide at the airport and transferred to their hotel. Guests will have the rest of the day free to explore this colonial city and the wonders that it has to offer. Make sure to visit the world famous Shwedagon Pagoda before reconvening with the group for a traditional Burmese dinner.

Overnight stay in Yangon.

Day 2: Yangon | Heho | Kalaw
Activities: Travel to Kalaw – Visit villages – Buddha Shrine – Walking tour

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Itinerary: This morning guests will enjoy a nice breakfast at the hotel before transferring to the airport for a short flight to Heho. From Heho, guests will travel to Kalaw. On the way we will stop in several villages to mingle with the locals and catch a glimpse into their daily lives. We will also stop at a small cave that serves as a shrine to the Buddha. After a yummy lunch, guests will take a walking tour through the area to see more of what Kalaw has to offer.

Overnight stay in Kalaw.

Day 3: Kalaw | Myegya | Taung Myint Gyi | Yasakyi
Activities: Begin trek – Visit local villages along the trail – Visit monastery


Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Itinerary: After breakfast on the third day, guests will travel 45 minutes to Myegya where the group will meet with the trekking guide for our adventure. We will spend several hours today hiking through the tea and cheroot leaf plantation until we reach Taung Myint Gyi Village. Here we will enjoy lunch and visit a nearby monastery before continuing on our trek to Yasakyi, a hill tribe village famous for its long-houses and Burmese Cheroot cigars.

Homestay in Yasakyi Village.

Day 4: Kalaw | Pindaya
Activities: Trek to Pindaya

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Itinerary: On the fourth day of our tour, guests will enjoy a traditional Burmese breakfast before continuing with our trek. Today’s journey will lead us through settlements and small mountain villages before we begin our descent into Pindaya.

Overnight stay in Pindaya.

Day 5: Pindaya | Inle Lake
Activities: Pindaya Caves – Boat tour of Inle Lake

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Itinerary: After breakfast at our hotel, we will continue on our exciting journey! First we will visit the Pindaya Caves that contain thousands of images of the Buddha that have been placed their over hundreds of years. Guests will then travel by car to Inle Lake. After enjoying lunch on the shores of the beautiful body of water, guests will hop into a boat to cruise around the lake. We will see the famous leg rowers and the floating gardens while learning about local customs and traditions and marveling at the beautiful views. The tour will also take us to the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda and the Nga Phe Kyaung Monastery (famous for its monk-trained cats!).

Overnight stay in Inle.

Day 6: Inle Lake
Activities: Inn Thein Pagoda Comple

Meals: Breakfast

Itinerary: After breakfast at our hotel, guests will take a trip to the western shore of Inle Lake where we will climb to the hidden Inn Thein Pagoda complex to explore. In the evening guests will travel back to Yangon.

Overnight stay in Yangon.

Day 7: Yangon- Bangkok
Activities: Departure

Meals: Breakfast and dinner

Itinerary: After breakfast at our hotel, guests will have the rest of the day free to continue exploring Yangon before traveling on to their next destination. Our journey may be over, but the memories will last a lifetime! After check out their guests are picked up to the airport for their flight to Bangkok.                                                                                                                                                                      Welcome to Thailand’s famous capital city of Bangkok! Upon arrival at the airport, guests will be met by a tour guide who will show them to their hotel to check in. The group will have a Welcome Meeting for an orientation and preparation for the adventurous day ahead.              Dinner at hotel                                                                                                                                                                                Overnight stay in Bangkok

Day 8: Bangkok
Activities: Grand Palace – Reclining Buddha – Original Thai Massage School – 24-hour Flower Market – Bangkok boat tour – Khao San Road.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Itinerary: Today, the tour will take guests on a city tour of amazing Bangkok. In the morning, guests will eat an early breakfast, beating the crowds of tourists, and heading out to the pristine Grand Palace. Afterwards, the tour will take guests to the house of the reclining Buddha, the Original Thai Massage School, and the 24-hour Flower Market.

After exploring this religious and spiritual center on foot, guests will take to the water as they hop into long-tail boats to explore Bangkok’s intricate canal system. This part of the tour will finish near the backpacker haven of Khao San Road where guests will have the rest of the day free to barter with vendors, eat delicious street food, and chat to other travelers from all over the world.

Overnight stay in Bangkok.

Day 9: Bangkok | Kanchanaburi | Nam Tok
Activities: Allied War Cemetery – Bridge on the River Kwai – Hellfire Pass

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Itinerary: On the morning of the third day, the tour will take guests on a drive west of the capital to a small town, Kanchanaburi. Kanchanaburi is famous for its natural beauty and its historical significance in World War II. Guests will visit the Allied War Cemetery before continuing to the infamous Bridge over the River Kwai.

Afterwards, guests will take a two hour train ride to Nam Tok where they will visit Hellfire Pass, where prisoners of war were forced to dig through the mountain, often using their bare hands. After this humbling experience, guests will board a longtail boat which will take them to their accommodation for the evening.

Overnight stay in Nam Tok.

Day 10: Erawan National Park | Ayutthaya
Activities: Wildlife – Waterfalls – Evergreen forests and swimming

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Itinerary: This morning the tour will take guests to Erawan National Park. Here guests will have the chance to explore the rivers, waterfalls, and trails on foot. Don’t forget to take a dip in the refreshing water of one of the park’s many-tiered waterfalls! Afterwards, the tour will continue on to Ayutthaya, the former capital of Thailand and once one of the wealthiest cities in the world.

Overnight stay near Ayutthaya.

Day 11: Ayutthaya | Bangkok | Chiang Mai
Activities: Explore Ayutthaya – Wat Phri Sanphet – Bronze statue of Buddha – Wat Mahatat


Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Itinerary: Today the guests will have the chance to explore Ayutthaya and learn about the history of the city. Once one of the wealthiest and most beautiful cities in the world and a place of great religious significance, Ayutthaya was sacked by the Burmese, leading the Thai people to abandon the city and move the capital to Bangkok. All that remains in Ayutthaya are the ancient stone structures. Guests will visit Wat Phri Sanphet, the giant bronze statue of Buddha, and the iconic Wat Mahatat.

After the adventure in Ayutthaya is complete, guests will depart by cruise ship on the Chao Praya RIver, for a scenic cruise back to Bangkok, enjoying lunch on board. Guests will have a few hours to continue explore Bangkok before boarding and overnight, air-conditioned sleeper train to Chiang Mai.

Overnight stay on sleeper train.

Day 12: Chiang Mai
Activities: Tour of Chiang Mai – Doi Suthep – Night markets

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Itinerary: The train will arrive in beautiful Chiang Mai in the morning on the sixth day. In the afternoon, guests will take a trishaw ride and explore the old city of Chiang Mai before driving up to Doi Suthep, overlooking the city below. Here, guests will enjoy the incredible view as the sun sets and the monks chant peacefully around them. In the evening, guests will have a chance to explore the vibrant life of the night markets.

Overnight stay in Chiang Mai.

Day 13: Chiang Mai
Activities: Own activities

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Itinerary: Today guests will be free to explore Chiang Mai at their leisure. They could relax by the pool at the hotel or head to the spa for a world-famous Thai massage. For thrill-seeking guests, there are zip-line tours and rock climbing. And no local tour would be complete without one of Chiang Mai’s cooking classes!

Overnight stay in Chiang Mai.

Day 14: Chiang Mai - Chiang Khong
Activities: Explore city and cross Thailand border- Laos

Meals : Breakfast

Itinerary: Today the guests travel to Chiang Khong via Wat Rong Khun and enjoy the view of the mighty Mekong. On the way the guests will explore Wat Rong Khun — the dazzling ‘White. Here tour around very local food market, see real life of relaxing people- laid back and the view of the Mekong at the loas side.

Overnight stay at Chiang Khong

Day15: Chiang Khong - Muang Pakbèng
Activities: Travel to Laos – Tour around Village- Mekong river visit real life and nature of Laos.

Meals: Breakfast

Itinerary: Today the guests travel through the border of Thailand to Laos bus, Stop at the immigration for visa formality before getting through to Laos. Fro here travel down to the Mekong river and board on the traditional boat along the Mekong river see the real natural view of Laos including mountains, riverside villages, tropical jungle and learn about laid back life on the river.

Overnight stay at Mekong riverside

Day16: Muang Pakbèng - Luang Prabang
Activities: Travel by water- Mekong river- Pak Ou caves

Meals: Breakfast

Itinerary: Today the guest travel along the Mekong river nearly whole day and tour to the Pak Ou caves before continuing their tour to Lung Brabang

Arrive at Luang Prabang in the evening – check in and Overnight stay in Luang Prabang.

Day17: Luang Prabang
Activities: Guided tour of the city – The Baci

Meals: Breakfast

Itinerary: After breakfast this morning, guests will begin their guided tour of the amazing spiritual capital of Laos, Luang Prabang. They will be taken to the National Museum where they will be lost in the intriguing history of the country, afterwards, continuing on foot to Wat Mai and Wat Sensoukarahm, two of the city’s beautiful temples. The last stop on the tour is at the world-renowned temple, Wat Xieng Thong near the famous Mekong River. Guests will then take a break for lunch, ask you guide to recommend a good place to eat some traditional Laotian food! In the afternoon, the tour will visit Wat Visoun and the Traditional Arts & Ethnology Centre, where guests can learn more about the different ethnic groups that live in Lao. In the evening, guests will have a truly authentic experience when they witness one of Laos’ oldest traditions: The Baci. The purpose of this ceremony is to bring escaped spirits back to the body and it is usually performed before important life events.

Overnight stay at Luang Prabang

Day18: Luang Prabang | Kuang Si Waterfalls
Activities: Visit ethnic village – Kuang Si Waterfalls – Mount Phousi

Meals: Breakfast

Itinerary: For early risers, there is special trip this morning before breakfast. The tour will take guests in a tuk tuk to watch the Buddhist monks collecting alms from the locals in Luang Prabang – a beautifully, spiritual experience. After, guests will be taken back to the hotel for breakfast before leaving to venture through the countryside toward the Kuang Si Waterfalls. Travel through rice fields, small local villages, and areas the offer beautiful views of the surrounding natural beauty. The tour will stop in a village on the way to the waterfalls that is home to one of the ethnic groups in Laos.                                                                                                                                         Here, guests will be able to learn about some of the customs, traditions, and day to day life of this group of people. When the tour reaches the waterfalls, guests will be free to relax and enjoy the beautifully clear pools of water, listening to the water cascading all around them. There are also plenty of hiking trails and viewpoints for those travelers that want to wander around the area a bit more. Don’t forget to visit the nearby bear sanctuary before you leave! This sanctuary is home to 23 Asiatic Black Bears that have been saved from poaching. Learn about the history of these bear and the dangers that they face while also observing their playful and fun-loving personalities. On the way back to Luang Prabang, guests will stop at the Kuang Si Butterfly Park. The day will end with a hike up Mount Phousi to watch the sunset and take pictures of the beautiful view of the city below.

Overnight stay in Luang Prabang

Day: 19 Luang Prabang - Vang Vieng
Activities: Travel to Vang Vieng – Karst Mountain – Visit surrounding caves

Meals: Breakfast

Itinerary: Today guests will leave the beauty of Luang Prabang and travel to the backpacker haven of Vang Vieng. On the way to Vang Vieng, guests will pass through some of the beautiful natural scenery that Laos has to offer. On arrival, guests will enjoy a walk on the karst mountain and visit some of the surrounding caves, coming back to Vang Vieng to experience the thriving nightlife or to just relax at the hotel and get an early night’s sleep.

Overnight stay in Vang Vieng

Day20: Vang Vieng - Vientiane
Activities: Explore famous sites in Vientiane

Meals: Breakfast

Itinerary: After breakfast on the sixth day, guests will be transferred to to Vientiane, the capital of Laos. In Vientiane, guests will explore the touristic sites in the city: Wat Si Saket, Wat Prakeo, and Pha That Luang. The first two are sacred temples and the third is a gold-covered Buddhist stupa. Guests will want to stop and take pictures of the Patuxai Monument which serves at Vientiane’s version of the French Arc de Triomphe.

Overnight stay in Vientiane

Day 21: Vientiane – Siem Reap
Activities: Travel to Siem Reap –Angkor Wat

Meals: Breakfast and dinner

Itinerary: After breakfast, guests will have free time on their own exploring the city and fly to Siem Reap where they will be transferred to the city for check in Overnight stay in

Arrival at Siem Reap International Airport, the guest are welcome by local guide and transfer to hotel for check in. The guests will have own free time or city tour before dinner.                                                                                                                                                      Siem Reap is the gate to Angkor Wat temple and an ancient city of the Khmer empire back to 1000 years ago. This small town still remains beautiful charm of old colonial buildings and Wats.                                                                                                                             Dinner in hotel

Overnight stay in Siem Reap

Day 22: Siem Reap Angkor Wat
Activities: Angkor Temples Jeep-Tuk Tuk  Tour

Meal: Breakfast and dinner

Itinerary: After breakfast begins with a visit to jewel of the Khmer empire Ta Prohm, by your private US army JEEP the 12th century Buddhist temple that was chosen to film in 2001, TOBM RAIDER. The main attraction of this ruin is the remarkable gigantic tree and vegetation still left as the state as it was founded. Next drive to Ta Nei temple one of the lesser visited temples within the Angkor site. Drive on the same back to explore unique temple mountain Ta Keo to enjoy your romantic cool and fresh air from the temple top floor. Here you will climb up by steep stair way to the last level for enjoying the breathtaking and stunning view from the top.

Afternoon start your amazingly cultural tour by private Tuk Tuk to Angkor Thom city and unforgettable Bayon temple. Starts at the South Gate of Angkor Thom where you stop at the Southgate of this city to excurse the beautiful 54 statues of Gods and Demons flanked each side of walk way leading to the entry gate. From her drive to Bayon temple for your next visit, the tremendous multi-towered temple covered with gargantuan heads depicting the king as a Bodhisattva, or Buddhist deity of compassion and the most attractive among the ruins in Angkor Thom containing 54 gigantic smiling faces. here your unique travel experience is seeing amazing base relief around the Bayon temple, then tour to the ruin of Baphoun, a temple mountain with remarkably steep stairway to its peak, continue to the nearby Royal Palace, Phimean Akas, the Elephant Terrace and the Terrace of the Leper King.

In the evening, dinner and show, attend a traditional Cambodian dance performance.

Overnight stay in Siem Reap

Day 23: Siem Reap
Activities: Angkor Temple at Dawn – Horse Cart Tour – Boat tour- Floating village and dinner

Meals: Breakfast- dinner

Itinerary: Rise early in the morning, you are picked up from the hotel at 5.00AM to catch the beautiful sunrise at Angkor Wat, unquestionably one of the wonders of the ancient world. Erected before 1150 AD, this huge building represents one of the most intricate and dramatic religious structures ever built by man. Begin your short trek from the back of this monument across the tropical jungle, slowly but surely, you see the magnificent ruin with its shrines emerge from the green forest as you imagine, it is only secrete building rises in the mid of comic world. It is the most famous and best-preserved of all temples within the Angkor complex

After getting back to hotel for breakfast, you will load on a horse cart to visit village and country side of Cambodia. The trip will go through many villages where will experience the real life without any tourist, you will also stop in the village to interact with locals.

Afternoon, the activity is more relaxed, your tour will be at the Tonle Sap Lake, the South East Asia’s largest freshwater lake with its size varying greatly depending on the season, as it is swelling to about four times its size during the wet season to visit the floating villages, here you board a local long tail boat to reach an isolated community and village houses built on stilts, you will have the opportunity to learn about life on the water.

Head back to city. In the evening enjoy your private relaxed massage at one of the best spa in the city, the Bodia Spa and massage, ONE OF THE BEST SPA IN SIEM REAP.

Dinner at local restaurant

Overnight stay in Siem Reap

Day 24: Siem Reap
Activities: Village Tour – School-Cooking Class – Cultural Activities –
Monk Blessing

Meals: Breakfast-Lunch and Dinner

Itinerary: This morning, tour on road less traveled to see a local School where the children learning English, and visit nearby local community where travelers will experience the traditional local life. Funds from your tour go directly to the school and families providing the services. The activities include walking through the village, participating in the cooking of the lunch, local handicrafts or being involved in the daily farming or (harvesting activities depending on the season). Afterward, transfer back to Siem Reap for short break.

This later afternoon drive to Angkor complex to witness a unique perspective – splendid view over Angkor Wat temple from a tethered balloon ride. On the way back to city stop at the monastery for a private Monk Blessing for a safe journey back home…

Private at private local traditional house with candle light

Overnight stay in Siem Reap

Day 25: Siem Reap Departure
Activities: Transfer out
Meal: Breakfast
Itinerary: Departure transfer to airport

Guests will say their sad goodbyes and continue on to their next destination.  The trip may be over, but the memories of your time in this beautiful country will last a lifetime!  Join AAT on another trip soon, we will miss you! Adventure Asia wishes a very safe next journey!

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